The exercises are made available in specially designed environment to make the children more amenable to them and give them a well-rounded education. Early morning yoga classes will help them to feel refreshed and clear of mind. This clarity will make the rest of the day that much easier to take in.

The rest of the lessons will become easier to understand and their brain will work better with the proper circulation of blood in their bodies. Breathing exercises will help them draw in more oxygen into the blood too.

Yoga is an exercise that rejuvenates not only the mind, but also the body. The various exercises make the body made more resilient and increase immunity. The stamina of the body is heightened that keeps illness and fatigue away.

Health and hygiene related education is imparted to the students in these classes. School is very conscientious about the wholesome development of the children and yoga is acknowledged as the perfect tool for that over the whole world.