Activities & Sports

We have a policy of giving every child an opportunity exercise both his mind and body. The classroom teaching will make the children get more in-depth knowledge of the various theories that they need for passing their exams. But sports will help them build up a lifetime of experiences.
Sports ground is one place that they learn how to win and to succeed even when they are losing, which is harder and called sportsmanship.
Games like Cricket, Football, Badminton and Basketball are taught in the schools, they are encouraged to play in team sports to assess and improve their team spirit. It is not always possible to work in teams for everybody; some are leaders and the other will follow them.
Those who do not participate are persuaded so that they do not get left behind. The ground games help to find their inherent qualities while building up discipline and their inherent strength for their future endeavors.


Swimming PoolNo
Indoor GamesYes
Dance RoomsYes
Music RoomsNo
HostelĀ No
Health and Medical Check upYes